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  • Converting to a Suzuki swift GTI Engine
  • Mini Car Club of Auckland
  • Club magazine archive
  • Get a copy of our latests Club Magazine here.
  • Tin worm attack (updated Jan 2006)
  • MINI New Zealand
  • Mini photo albums
    Flat tack on the grass
    That's me, hard out at the Grasskhana
  • The first ever (May 2001) Mini re-trace of the movie Goodby Pork Pie
  • My, now sold, second race Mini
  • Photo shoot at Glenbrook, 3 May 2009
  • The Sump
  • My new project. A Suzuki GTI motor for my Mini.
  • Links
  • Solar panel power graph
  • WebCam
  • Blank Page
  • My Photo Albums
  • PVFB Honours Night 2019/
  • The BOIVR have received a DSA
  • Rally of the North 2017
  • Met HrMs Groningen in de west. 1974
  • Canon 50mm 1.8 FD lens mounted on a 750D
  • Trip to Hellensville
  • Our new project. A boat.
  • Our new venture in the Far North
  • Birds
  • More Birds
  • Our Dogs
  • Flowers
  • Digger
  • RedKnights in Paihia 2021
  • Weather
  • Satellite images
  • My new weather station display
  • Links to other weather satellite sites
  • New Zealand Weather and Climate
  • Wind map and forcast (New)
  • Clouds
  • The Archive. Just hit this link, will you.
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