subframe finished

IMG 10052  Back side mount close up. IMG 10053  The back side IMG 10054 IMG 10056  Tricky machining on the engine side of the mount bracket
IMG 10057 IMG 10060  Front engine mount top view. IMG 10061  Those engine mounts should last forever IMG 10064  Side on view of the front engine mounts
IMG 10086  Ready for sandblasting and certification. IMG 10087 IMG 10088 IMG 10089  Bottom arm mount all sorted.
IMG 10090 IMG 10097  Bottom view IMG 10098 IMG 10099
IMG 10100 IMG 10101 IMG 10102  Engine steady mount point IMG 10103
IMG 10095 IMG 10096 IMG 10391  The sub frame finished. Now I can start putting it all together CRW 10854  Ready to go to the muffler shop to fit new extractors.