TINWORM issues.

Two locations that are the hardest hit.

A-panel.jpg (22417 bytes) sill.jpg (24868 bytes)
The driver side A-panel. The passenger sill

I've just put some metal behind it and welded it up ready for inspection

Same for the Sill. I've cut out the rotten piece and replaced it with REAL metal.

We'll see what the Vehicle Testing Station is going to think about this. As far as I can see there is nothing wrong with is now.

repaired A-panel small.jpg (13501 bytes) repaired sill 2 small.jpg (12503 bytes) repaired sill small.jpg (11378 bytes)
Note the repair on the corner of the door.
Rust was too close to the hinges, according to the testing guy.
The main cause of the problem was a hole in the front of the sill. It was rotten well past the jack point.

December 2005.

It's becoming a bit of a nightmare. More rust. This time the gutter, the lefthand A panel and the driverside rear seam.
All in deparate need for some more metal to be added. It's coming to the point of re-shelling it.
I have a Mini rally car that I will not race again and the body of the racer is in way better condition than my roadrunner. It's the yellow Mini in the background.
Anyway, a few pictures of the repairs.

mini_front.jpg (21025 bytes) mini_side.jpg (16533 bytes) mini_back.jpg (16500 bytes)
The gutter all the way around got a patch up. What you can't see is that the roof was also completely resprayed (white) The seam got re-welded. the rear end is now painted. Next is finishing the paint job on the other side of the seam.
More rust repairs
More rust repairs (14-1-2007).
This time it was halve and halve hidden behind the window rubber.

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