Sparrow fantail(1)  The Fantail is a difficult bird to photograph. They sit never still. heron(1) Heron(cropped)  Trying to get close was a bit testing. But I got the shot I wanted.
heron(2) fantail(2) fantail(3) Spotted dove
black shag Tui(1) Tui(3) Tui(2)
waxeye(2) waxeye(3) waxeye(4) IMG 6739
IMG 6731 IMG 6741 IMG 6738  Look who is pinching my figs. waxeye chick  Baby waxeye
waxeye  This little fella sneaked inside the house. It was amazingly tame. Red robin(1)  I could almost touch this little fella. It was less than an arms length away. Red robin(2) Tui(4)  Looks like I invaded this Tui's territory, the way he looks at me...
IMG 12279  Say no more about the colours of the Tui. IMG 12307  A real athlete... IMG 12303  The colours of the Tui are really stunning. IMG 12295  It's Spring time in the Gardens. This Tui is feasting on the Cherry tree flowers.
California Quail 1 California Quail 2 Tui 2 Tui 1
Tui 3 Silvereye