Glass Marlin

Our new project.
An 1980 Glass Marlin 17ft doer upper with a 1980 80hp Mercury hanging of the back.
IMG 230050  That's where a shed is for. A car and a boat :-) IMG 230027 IMG 230028 IMG 230035  Cabin top damage. IMG 250037  Repaired the roof of the cabin.
IMG 230038 IMG 250007  A rod holder hole area damage and gang board damage. IMG 250032  Rear deck where the rod holder was is now fully repaired. IMG 250008  Soft spot on the gang board. Moulding removed exposing some silicone. The beat in the windows rubber is missing IMG 250009  Cabin top damage. There was an attempt to fix the corner.
IMG 250036  The rotten cabin roof overhang repaired. IMG 250011  Some decking timber has been replaced with just outdoor ply (H3 treated). Mouldings are glued and screwed with a mix of silicone and Selly's no more gaps. IMG 250033  Repaired the wooden bump rail with new wood and also some deck repairs. IMG 250026  All the windows removed. IMG 250027  Port side new piece of decking done.
IMG 250028  Starboard side also a piece of new decking done. IMG 250030  Completely gutted the inside. IMG 250110  Back seats finished with coffee table up. New floor cover. IMG 250111  Back seats finished with coffee table down. IMG 250113  Front deck finished with a newly made anchor hatch.
IMG 250115  Windscreen and side windows in. Cabin hatch fitted. IMG 250108  Top windscreen fitted. Note the newly made cabin hatch. IMG 250109  New pedestals for the seats. IMG 250131  Cabin lining and squabs finished. IMG 250130  Coffee on the water.
IMG 250171  Just before I started to pull it apart. The switch box is faulty with No 3 and 4 not firing. IMG 250176  Wires from the ignition module well and trully buggered. IMG 260363  The new switch box fitted with, on the left hand side, the new wires coming from the ignition module. After fitting a new rectifier the battery was still not charging. Reason: again wire rot in the alternator wires (yellow). IMG 260364  Closeup of the alternator wires. IMG 260365  Stripped the wire harness and replaced the rotten alternator wires.
IMG 280102  The power head is taken off. IMG 280101  Hole in the exhaust baffle and the reason why water was getting in number 3 and 4 cylinder. IMG 280100  Number 1 and 2 cylinder exhaust area looks nice and greasy while number 3 and 4 are completely washed out from the water leak in the exhaust baffle. IMG 280103  Clearly the left two sparkplugs from No3 and 4 cylinder have never fired due to water getting into the cylinders. IMG 280114  Bit of a cleanup needed here.
CRW 25152  Can you see the bolt that need to come out? CRW 25148  Exhaust extention is okay. CRW 25149  Bottom side of the exhaust extention. IMG 25151  The power head is ready to go back on.