The chicken wants a bite too.Black Bird picking the crums from Bas our dog.Bonnie on the steps to the breezeway.Our lovely dog Sandy but a bit slow walking along the cycle trail.Looks like our dogs are not fazed by the chicken.Bas looks sore with his skin in a very poor state.IMG_280177Another Possum found.Morning meal time.Bas brings home the bacon :-)
He will not eat the possum. He will just kill it and bring it home.No comment :-)IMG_13631IMG_13624No_FearBas_and_SandyIMG_12182IMG_12179IMG_12172IMG_12168IMG_12167IMG_12166Best place in the house, right in front of the fire place.Enjoying the morning sunDoneHmm, I can get out of here, no problem.Okay, how high is this?bonnie_fightingbonnie (2)coffeecamouflage_coloursCRW_10872Do I really have to accept this?Maybe two fits after all.Two in one is not going to fit.....Having_a_restCRW_10784CRW_10780Sandy and CindySandy and Cindy (2)Sandy and Cindy (3)Sandy and Cindy (4)Sandy and Cindy (5)Sandy and Cindy (6)Sandy and Cindy (7)Sandy and Cindy (8)Sandy and Cindy (9)Sandy and Cindy_10740Sandy and Cindy_10739Sandy and Bas_10733Sandy and Bas_10732Sandy and Bas_10714Sandy and Bas_08-05-17_0013Sandy and Bas_08-05-17_0012Sandy and Bas_08-05-17_0011Sandy and Bas_08-05-17_0010Sandy and Bas_08-05-17_0009Sandy and Bas_08-05-17_0007Sandy and Bas_08-05-17_0003Sandy and Bas_08-05-17_0002Sandy_08-05-10_0031Sandy_08-05-10_0029Sandy_08-05-10_0023Sandy_08-05-10_0020Sandy_08-05-07_0018Sandy_08-05-07_0009Sandy_08-05-07_0006Sandy_08-05-07_0001Bas 2 years oldball defence 2spot in the sun 2spot in the sun 1enjoying morning sunshineI have two ballsshamelessball defence (2)falloutdon't make me angryhot spotremeasureCobwebsSam is my matefriendsbellyshyasleepAm I prettyI can walkPuppy Bas.Looking gorgeous. Bas is very photogenic.
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