More great links to other weather satellite sites and support pages

Villa Elisa, Argentina.

Potomac Falls VA, United States.

Odensbacken, Sweden.

Darwen, United Kingdom.

St Pierre (Terre Sainte), La Réunion.

Thessaloniki, Greece .

Philadelphia, USA.

Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Graz, Austria.

Siding Spring Observatory, Australia .

Basingstoke Hampshire, United Kingdom.

Fevik, Norway.

Rob Reid, Rolleston, New Zealand

Capelle ad IJssel, Netherlands.

My own recordings from Opua, New Zealand.

Tools for weather satellite reception - David Taylor

The newest orbital data on NOAA and Meteor satellites

To the NOAASIS Gateway

To the NOAASIS Amateurs link page

RIG Remote Imaging Group

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